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Best Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 Case 2016: 7.0, 8.0 and 10.1

PU Leather Stand Folio cover

Buying a case for your tablet is usually an excellent investment.

A cover can protect the tablet from damage such as scratches, drops, and impacts.

It can also be used to customize the appearance and feel of your device.

Some also have additional features, such as the ability to transform into a viewing stand for video watching or typing, or they have extra pockets for storing and organizing small accessories.

PU Leather Folio Stand

#1 Best Tab 4 Folio Cover: Durable and Secure!

This folio style cover made from high quality PU leather is a durable and secure way to guard your tablet against potential damage from scratches and impacts.

As well as working as a cover, the wallet can also be transformed into a stand, so that you can watch videos, read, deisplay, and type in comfort.

The cover is easy to install and available in red, black, and blue colors.

There are versions of this case for the 7.0, 8.0., and 10.1 sizes of the tab.

The Different Types of Tablet Cover

  • Hard cases offer the most rugged form of protection.  Constructed from materials such as silicone and hard plastic, these covers are exceptionally durable and will minimize any potential damage to your tablet from bumps, scratches, dirt and dust.
  • Folio style covers are slightly less resilient, but are often more versatile and have a more stylish appearance.  Most covers of this style give you the option of transforming them into viewing stands, so you can read, watch, display or type in comfort.
iRhino heavy duty rugged impact dual layer hybrid cover with built in kickstand


#1 Best Hard Case for the Tab 4 7.0: Heavy Duty Kickstand!

If pure rugged protection from drops, scratches, and impacts is what you seek, look no further than the iRhino.

Constructed from grade A silicone and hard plastic, this tough cover does what it says.  There are cut-outs to keep the ports and features from being blocked. 

The iRhino is available in several different attractive color schemes.

This case is designed specifically for the Tab 4 7 inch.

The i-UniK has an excellent look and feel, as well minimizing potential damage to the tab from scrapes, bumps, dirt, dust, and grease.

Another Cool Case For the 7.0 Model

Designed to be a perfect fit for the 7 inch version, the i-UniK slim folio has corner protection to provide a maximum guard against damage from bumps and scrapes.

Available in a range of cool designs and colors, this cover is an attractive and stylish way to customizing your tablet.

The folio can be used as a horizontal viewing stand for reading, watching videos, displaying, and typing in comfort.

Precise cutouts ensure access to all the tab's ports and features.


The Background to the Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 Series

As the name suggests, the series refers are the fourth generation of Galaxy tabs.  The series is aimed at the affordable end of the market, while the Tab Pro and Note Pro are targeted at the higher end.

The 7.0, 8.0, and 10.1 were all announced before the Mobile World Congress in April 2014.  The three models all feature a similar design language to the S5 and other recent Samsung machines. 

Also common to the three devices are the same 1.2 GHz quad-core processor and 1.5 GB RAM. 

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A Smart Cover for the 10.1 inch Version!

The WAWO is a folio style cover that is an ideal fit for the 10 inch tab.

Constructed from high quality PU leather, this smart cover automatically wakes and sleeps when opened and closed.

The cover can also be transformed into a viewing stand when required for watching movies, reading, displaying, or typing.

The WAWO is available in 8 different colors, including: blue, brown, black, purple, pink, orange, red, and green.

The ULAK is a stylish cover that comes in many colors and designs, enabling you to customize the appearance of your 8 inch tab.

 An Idea Way to Protect and Customize Your 8 inch Tab!

The ULAK Slim Stand Case comes in a wide variety of colors and designs, allowing you to customize the appearance of your device to suit your own tastes. 

The built-in fold out stand enables you to view videos, read, display, and type in comfort.

 Constructed from premium PU leather, this folio is durable as well as protective, minimizing potential damage to the tablet from scratches, bumps, dirt, dust, and grease.

The ULAK is available in many different fun color combinations.

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