Saturday, December 13, 2014

Best MacBook Pro Screen Protector (13 inch) 2018: Top 5

Shielding and preserving the screen of your Apple laptop, when it comes to things like dust, dirt, fingerprints, scratches, scrapes, as well as everyday wear and tear is always an excellent idea.

As well as minimizing potential damage to the LCD, the best guards also usually fulfill a number of other requirements. For instance, they are easy to install; they don't impair functionality or appearance; they often act to prevent glare; they are a good fit; and they offer very good value for money.

Typically, an LCD guard will be made from a thin film that attaches to the screen, minimizing potential damage without compromising the quality of the visuals. There are also glass screen guards available too.

Below is my top 5 list for the Best MacBook Pro screen protector (13 inch) 2018.

Note: For full notebook protection, you should also seriously consider buying a MacBook Pro case too.

Pick of The Month! - Affordable and Protective: The Kuzy!

This Kuzy 13 inch film guard is an affordable clear shield, designed to be a perfect fit for the 13 inch (A1278) Aluminum Unibody version of the Apple notebook. 

Once installed, it forms an ultra smooth surface that minimizes potential damage to the LCD from scratches, grease, fingerprints, dirt and dust.

This Kuzy screen guard is designed for the aluminum unibody version of the Apple notebook, not the newer retina display model.

Anti-glare and Bubble-Free: The TopCase Anti-Glare!

Designed for the Apple laptop (the A1278 model, with or without Thunderbolt), the TopCase Anti-glare Bubble Free uses adhesive on the bordered part only, making it easy to install. 

Made from anti-glare material, the TopCase also comes with a lint-free cleaning cloth.

There are versions of the TopCase guard available for both the newer retina display model and the older aluminum unibody model of the MacBook Pro.

Tough and Durable: The CommonByte!

The CommonByte is a tough, durable, transparent surface that will guard your laptop LCD against damage from daily wear and tear, dust, scratches and scrapes. 

The Guard is easy to install, thanks to its self-adhering surface and leaves no residue when removed. The CommonByte also reduces glare and eye strain.

Excellent Visuals: iLuv Glare-Free!

The iLuv Glare-Free Kit is a very good investment for those who wish to minimize glare and guard their eyes from UV rays, as well as minimizing damage to their screen from scratches, dust, dirt, fingerprints, and everyday wear. 

Designed for use with the 13 inch Apple laptop, this kit includes two films, squeegee, cleaning cloth, and dust remover. 

The guard does not hinder the image quality (you will forget that it is there!) and offers bubble-free installation too.


High Transparency and Easy Install: The Moshi iVisor!

The Moshi iVisor will minimize any potential damage to the laptop LCD from fingerprints, dirt and scratches. Bubble-free installation makes the set up easy and effective, plus this high quality guard can be cleaned and replied multiple times. 

The iVisor is made from high transparency material and has minimal impact on the brightness, sharpness and clarity of the screen image when applied. Designed to fit the 13 inch Apple laptop perfectly.

The TopCase 3 in 1 combo is an excellent investment, offering total protection for a very affordable price!

More Top-Rated LCD Guards to Consider!

For those who are seeking a glass screen cover that is designed specifically for the Apple laptop, this A1278 Unibody LCD Screen Glass Cover is an LCD guard certainly worthy of consideration. The screen is made from plexiglass composite to avoid easily cracking during installation. It is recommended that you get a technician to complete the installation for this type of glass cover.

For all round guarding from scratches, impacts, dirt, dust, drops, stains, and fingerprints, this TopCase combo is very good value, as it offers a hard case, keyboard cover and LCD guard all in one package. The hard case uses a high quality soft rubberized coating to help shield the body of the laptop. The combo is available in multiple colors, including: royal blue, turquoise, purple, red, black, and yellow.

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