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Best Case for MacBook Pro with Retina Display (13 and 15 Inch) 2018

An effective cover will protect your Apple from damage such as scratches, impacts, dirt and dust. It can also be used to customize the appearance of the machine to personal tastes, enabling you to choose your favorite color, or alter the feel.
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Article Updated November 17th 2018

Those who are seeking to find the best cover for their Apple laptop generally desire that some important requirements are met.

  • Firstly, they want it to give their Apple an attractive appearance, image and feel. Often buyers are looking to customize the cover through the use of a specific color, so a range of choices is desirable.
  • Secondly, they usually want the new cover to be effective at minimizing potential damage to the laptop from bumps, scrapes, stains, dirt, dust, drops, and stains.
  • Thirdly, they sometimes also require some extra features, such as retractable feet to give the Apple laptop more stability when typing, or ventilation to help reduce the chances of the laptop overheating.
Below are my top 5 selections for for the best MacBook Pro with retina display case (13 and 15 inch) 2018.

The Topcase 2 in 1 Retina Cover is a perfect fit for the newest Pro. The snap on designed shell doesn't compromise access to ports and features, but does guard the machine from bumps. It is also a great way to personalize the look of your Apple.

#1 Best Hard Shell Protection for The 13 inch Retina: Affordable, Attractive Look and Feel: The TopCase 2 in 1!

The TopCase 2 in 1 is my selection for the best cover for the newest (late 2013) version of the pro!

This hard shell is a perfect fit for the laptop. It has an attractive appearance and is designed to let the Apple logo shine through the cover, which is cool. The rubberized coating gives it a silky, yet grippy finish.

This cover provides security and peace of mind, guarding your laptop against damage from scratches, scrapes, dirt and dust. Ports and features such as USB, Thunderbolt, HDMI, SD Card, Power, and Audio Out are not blocked or impeded in any way.

The cover is available in a wide variety of colors, including: black, orange, pink, hot pink, purple, clear, gray, green, red, royal blue, hot blue, aqua blue and yellow, enabling you to choose your favorite.

More Top Rated 13" Hard Shell Snap On Covers

Hard shell snap on covers generally offer you several advantages over other types, such as sleeves. Here are a few of them:

  • A high level of protection from bumps and scratches.
  • Usually lightweight and very little bulk.
  • They are easy to install and remove, snapping on and off as required.
  • There are usually plenty of color options available, so you can pick your favorite and customize your Apple's appearance to your tastes.
  • Additional features, for example, some cases have feet for extra stability when typing.
The Mosiso shell is another excellent buy. Available in a wide range of colors and designs, the cover has a rubberized coating, giving it great protective qualities, as well as an attractive feel.

An Ideal Fit For Your Apple: The Mosiso!

The Mosiso is a very reasonably priced product with a rubberized coating, which provides protection as well as having an attractive look and feel.

An ideal fit for the Mac Pro with retina display, the snap on maintains full access to all buttons and features. The snap-on design makes the cover easy to install and remove, as required.

With cushioned protection from bumps and scratches, as well as dirt and dust, the Case Logic PLS-13 is an excellent sleeve.  It has an elegant appearance.  Zipper closure enables security and easy access.

Best Sleeve: Cushioned Protection and Accessory Pocket: The Case Logic PLS-13

The Case Logic PLS-13 is a neoprene sleeve that provides form-fitting, cushioned protection. The suede lining minimizes scratches.

A zippered accessory pocket provides excellent storage space for a mouse, power adapter, and other small items. An asymmetrical zipper enables easy access to the laptop and keeps it secure when in transit.
The Case Logic SSMA-313 has a very stylish and modern appearance. It will guard the notebook from damage from scratches, bumps, dust, dirt, and grease. It is available in black and pink colors.

Another Cool Sleeve for the 13" Version! - Sleek, Minimal, and Modern: The Case Logic SSMA-313!

The Case Logic SSMA-313 is a sleek and minimalist sleeve with welded cushions, that has a cool and modern look and feel.

It will guard your laptop from potential damage, such as scrapes, bumps, moisture, and dirt, with extra security and protection coming from the flap.

This sleeve is available two colors: black, and pink.

The iPearl mCover is a hard shell available in multiple colors, making it ideal for customizing your notebook. Constructed from high-quality DOW polycarbonate material, the iPearl is perfect for the 15 inch model.

Best Hard Shell for the 15 inch: The iPearl mCover: Shatter-Proof Protection!

The iPearl mCover is a 2-piece lightweight hard shell that snaps on and off easily. Made in the USA from DOW polycarbonate material, its shatter-proof construction and design provides excellent protection from scratches and impacts.

Retractable feet at the rear provide extra stability for when typing, while none of the laptop's ports are blocked by the shell covering.

The mCover is available in numerous different colors ( including: clear, black, blue aqua, purple, pink, green, orange, and red), making it a perfect purchase for those who wish to customize the appearance of their Apple device.

More Top Rated Hard Shell Covers for the 15" Version

The early release of the 15 inch MacBook Retina Display version means that there is a large range of cases and covers around. Here are some of my favorite designs.

The Kuzy rubberized hard case has a smooth but grippy feel and is available in many different colors, so you can choose your favorite. The cover is fully vented to reduce the effects of overheating and will minimize damage from scratches and impacts

Built-in Feet for Stability: The Kuzy!

Designed to be a perfect fit, the Kuzy hard cover is a rubberized hard cover with built-in feet to keep your Apple laptop stable and secure.

The Kuzy cover does not block accessibility to ports and features and is fully vented to maximize heat management and minimize any potential overheating.

Easy to snap on and remove, this hard cover provides excellent protection from bumps, dirt, dust, and scrapes.

It has a soft and silky-smooth feel to the touch, and is available in many different colors, including: black, gray, blue, orange, purple, green, and pink.

Underside view of the Worldshopping Frosted Matte Surface Crystal Hard Shell. A two piece design that can be clipped on and off the machine easily, this hard shell offers premium protection and a stylish appearance for an affordable price.

Many Vibrant Colors Available: The Worldshopping!

The Worldshopping shell is attractive in appearance and feel, and effective at guarding against scratches, impacts, drops, dirt, and dust for a very reasonable price.

This 2-piece cover snaps on and off easily. It is available in numerous vibrant colors, including: black, pink, red, light blue, green, gray, yellow, dark blue, clear, purple, and orange.

Thanks to its smart design, it minimizes potential damage to the laptop without compromising access to all buttons, ports and features.

The PLEMO Bohemian style sleeve is available in a variety of colorful designs.  Slim and lightweight, a top-loaded zipper enables easy access to your Apple notebook.

An inside view of the PLEMO Bohemian Style Canvas Fabric Sleeve, showing the fluffy fleece fabric lining, minimizing damage from scratching, as well as giving the sleeve an attractive look and feel.

Best Sleeve for the 15 inch: The PLEMO Bohemian!

The PLEMO Bohemian Style Canvas Fabric Sleeve is an exceptional sleeve, designed to look good, as well as provide premium protection from knocks, scrapes, scratches, moisture, and dirt.

Highly durable, this lightweight and slim sleeve features a polyester foam padding layer, as well as a soft and fluffy fleece fabric inner lining to give you peace of mind when on the move with your laptop.

Another Top-Rated 15 inch Sleeve!

Sleeves have a number of advantages over hard cases. Below are some of the main ones.

  • It is quick an easy to use a sleeve, it takes moments to remove your laptop, or put it inside one.
  • Many sleeves are made from neoprene, which as well as providing protection from scratches and bumps, also guards the laptop from water and moisture.
  • Sleeves often come with additional pockets, supplying extra storage options.
The Snugg Leather Sleeve is a premium product that guards your Apple notebook from damage from scrapes and impacts. It also provides a stylish way of customizing the appearance of your machine.

Stylish and Secure: The Snugg!

Constructed from PU leather and with a soft interior, the Snugg is an option for those seeking high quality and class. Magnetic closure makes carrying the cover safe.

A card slot provides perfect space for business cards or USB sticks. Stylish and secure, this sleeve is stylish and fits well.

The Snugg is available in a wide variety of different colors, including: black, grey, orange, red, purple, green, and distressed brown (pictured below).

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